The Family


Scott Harrington , CEO & Co-founder

Business-savvy and a serial entrepreneur with over Twenty years experience directing start-ups towards increased revenues and ultimately, success.Innovative and detail-orientated ex Investment Banker successful at improving operations, impacting business growth and enhancing profits. Founded 3 extremely successful disruptive start-ups into $200 Million+ turnover companies both in finance and the finance technology sectors Well-established entrepreneur adept at networking and creating valuable partnerships. Absorbs new and useful information into an ever-evolving stock of financial strategies. Analytical pioneer equipped with an in-depth working knowledge of the financial industry.


Amzar , CXO & Co-founder

A superbly-hectic-on-field online seller, Amzar has been experiencing and engaging numerous customers from enquiry stage, to fulfillment. At a very young age of 19-year-old, Amzar has developed his own circle of contacts through Young Entrepreneur Program that he joined since he was 13. As a hardcore believer of Instagram marketing, Amzar has more than 50k+ followers on his account where he normally reviews and warmly sells stuff and communicate. Amzar is still pursuing his Foundation in Management at Multimedia University. He co-founded Botsphere in August 2016.


Razam , Chief Architect & Co-founder

A firm believer of mobile solution, Razam has been working with several telcos in providing solutions and value added services for SE Asia market. He founded IRIDEA back in 1999, a company that specializes in Mobile Application and VAS soundly presence in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Bangladesh, and Vietnam for over 16 years. He was also one of the early investor and a BOD in Pryte Oy (Finland) and made a successful exit when Facebook acquired the company in 2014. Razam was previously recruited by Motorola USA as Robotic Engineer after he completes his Bsc. of Engineering from University of Evansville, IN, USA.


Zakaria , CFO

A financial strategist who have more than 25 years of experience in auditing, accounting, insurance, banking, and corporate financing. A Bachelor of Finance degree holder from Syracuse University, USA, Zakaria later pursued his Master at University of New Haven, USA majoring in Administration. Zakaria held several senior management position at Technology Park Malaysia Corp., MRCB, Celcom, and BNM. Zakaria has respectable business acumen level and is always sought for advice.

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